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Reliving the Best Moments of the
First Nakamura Swimming Festival

This "After Movie" is your ticket to revisiting the excitement, camaraderie, and heartwarming memories that made this festival truly extraordinary. From the cheers at the starting line to the triumphant finishes, each frame captures the spirit of our vibrant swimming community.

Dive into the nostalgia and celebrate the success of this remarkable event with us. Don't miss out on a single splash – be sure to tune in and relive the magic!


All types of classes can be: Individual, in pairs or in groups, varying the class time for each modality, age and number of students


The Nakamura Swimming team is amazing! Fabi is patient, sweet and very dedicated to her students swimmers. Her classes are personal, dynamic and meets the students needs. I could not have found a better teacher for my daughter. I am very grateful for her job.

My 4 year old daughter simply loves Fabi’s swimming classes. She went from not wanting to get her face wet to jumping and getting toys on the bottom of the pool in just a few weeks. By the end of the Summer she was already learning front crawl! Fabi was always very patient and kind to my daughter. Fabi is a very skilled coach. I highly recommend her!

Eloah Decat

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Coming from São Paulo - Brazil, she moved to Florida in 2019. Graduated in Physical Education and Post Graduated in Sports Training and Business Administration. She was a swimmer for over 20 years, and in 1995 began her career coaching important national and South American athletes.

In 2004, she coached the Italian national team at the Youth Games Championship in Italy.

For more than 15 years she was a swimming teacher and coach and coordinator of the Sports Department at Colégio Eduardo Gomes, in 2012 she started her journey as a Personal Swimming Trainer, not only helping babies, and children, but adults as well; working from adaptation to the liquid environment, to learning to swim the 4 strokes.

Since 2008, it starts with students with special needs, also doing inclusion work.

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